Light Heart Studios

Welcome Home

Light Heart Studios is a community-focused, luxury studio space giving you a beautiful environment to do your best work. Email us at to set up a tour today.

More Than You Thought You Could Ask For

Sick of the soulless corporate salon suites that dominate the industry? Ready to invite your clients into a space they are obsessed with? We are too. That's why we decided to create a better option. Light Heart Studios is so much more than just a room to work out of, we are a business whose sole goal is to make your job as easy as possible. Here's how:

The Coffee Shop

The centerpiece of Light Heart Studios, and the first thing you'll see when you visit is Light Heart Coffee, an amazing specialty coffee shop with adorable drinks and delicious food prepared by the kindest baristas you'll ever meet.

And as a little bonus, if you rent one of our studios, you'll recieve 15% off everything at the coffee shop which makes grabbing a coffee on your way to work that much easier. Or just text us for room service whenever you want!

Cofee Shop Reception Desk

The Bonuses

We want to make your life as easy as possible, so here are a few of the ways we do that:

The Photo Studio: Creating high quality content is the best way to advertise and grow your business. Which is why we have built a beautifully decorated, professionally lit photo studio that you have access to whenever you want. No more taking your client around to the back of your building just to get some nice lighting and a neutral background!

Branding Shoots: Every year, we give you a free branding photoshoot with a professional photographer. This shoot can be whatever you want. Need pictures for your website? Easy. Headshots? No problem. Instagram content? Bring a model, you'll be set for weeks. We set this up because we want to say thank you with a gift that you can actually use.

Brunches: Every quarter, we set up a catered brunch for everyone renting at Light Heart Studios. We do this because working independently can be lonely and we can gain so much from simply talking to eachother. This brunch is simply a place for you to talk to your fellow beauty professionals, ask questions, tell stories, and maybe even make some friends. You do not have to come if you don't want to, but the food is really freaking good.

Meet The Owners

Two Standing People - Maddi and Elliot Morris

Hi Beautiful, I'm Maddi.

And that tall guy you see in the picture is my husband and business partner, Elliott. We are both deeply passionate about creating a space for beauty professionals to create a business and a life they love.

I entered the beauty industry as a lash artist 6 years ago with the dream of giving my clients lashes that made them feel confident, carefree and beautiful. And I would bet that you decided to start your beauty business with the same goal.

Since starting out at 18 and working my way to the top, I have experienced some of the worst parts of this industry and I'm ready to change that.

I created Light Heart Studios to be the place where coming in to work feels like walking in to your favorite coffee shop, seeing your friends, and doing your best work without worrying about drama or conflict.

Light Heart Studios is so special to me because it is my home and I hope one day it can be yours too.

With Love,

Maddi Morris