The Best Natural Lash Set- Angel Lashes

The Best Natural Lash Set- Angel Lashes


Angel sets are taking over service menus across the world and clients are requesting them everyday. Why? Angel sets are customizable and long lasting, they are also much healthier for your natural lashes than Classic lashes.

How to offer Angel Sets

First, take 1-3 model sets. Get incredible pictures and talk on your Instagram about why these lashes feel better than traditional classic or hybrid sets. Next, add them to your service menu, talk about how they are different. Talk about the weightlessness of them, the natural look you can create and how they can accommodate any map and eye shape. You want to mention that they will feel lighter than a classic set due to the fine diameter lashes that we use.

There are two ways to go about pricing them.

For me, I made all the styles I offer ( mega, volume, angel sets etc. ) the same price. This is because I charge based on my skill and time. It also allows my clients to get whatever they want, without picking based on what they can afford. It's the best way to price lash services in my opinion. Less confusing for new clients and you are paid well for your time and skill. 

If you prefer to charge based on each particular style, and you’re unsure what category these unfanned sets fall into- then I would charge them the same as a classic set. It takes the same amount of time as there is no fanning involved. I would eventually replace hybrids and classics with angel sets altogether. Call them whatever you'd like- Angel Sets, Wispy Sets, Wet Sets, etc. Make up your own cutesy name for them! As lash styles evolve, so should our menus. We should accommodate new fun styles that we love. 

Lastly, after you’ve taken the angel set mini online course you can add your business to the Light Heart Map! This will show clients in your area that you exist and you have that extra certification to offer angel lashes under your belt. We have tons of people visit the map everyday and artists love it as an additional tool to make their biz more visible!

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