Are Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Damaging?

Are Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Damaging?

Mega Volume lashes are totally healthy for natural lashes IF applied properly. There are a few things that can be done in proper Mega Volume application to avoid any potential damage to your clients natural lashes. You can achieve a super dark, bold look without any consequences. Essentially, Mega Volume is “density without damage”. The no damage part is a result of proper diameter usage, fan size and an appropriate attachment zone.


The diameter of a lash is how the “thickness” of an individual extension is measured. With Mega Volume we want to use teeny tiny diameters so we can achieve larger fans without having to worry about adding additional weight to the natural lash. Mega volume lashes are designed to be soft, flexible, and connected to only a small section of the natural lash. In this kind set you will only use a .03 or .02 diameter lash tray. This is the safest way to achieve a very dark and dense lash set.

Fan Size

How big is “too big” of a fan? This goes hand in hand with Diameters. When using .03 or .02 diameter lashes we are able to make bigger fans (ie 15-20D fans) without adding too much weight to the natural lash, this allows your eyelashes to move around freely without the constant tugging and twisting that heavier diameter lashes can cause.  When using .05 or .07 diameter lashes we can only use so many of those individual extensions in each fan. For example, in a fan made of .07 diameter lashes, there can typically only be up to 4 fibers per fan vs 15-20 .03 fibers. In conclusion, you can make the largest, safest fan with a Mega Volume set.   

Attachment Zone

In a Mega Volume set, we want our attachment zone to be at least ⅓ of the extensions length. We want to place the extension as close as humanly possible to the eyelid without ever actually touching it. Again, this makes the extension and natural lash comfortable and flexible. Proper attachment allows the natural lash to still grow and complete a strong and healthy lash cycle. When correctly applied, Mega Volume lashes feel noticeably lighter and significantly softer than other lash extensions. 


Mega Volume lash extensions are the most beneficial, safe and healthy style of lashes you can offer your clients. As long as you are using the proper diameters, making the fans an appropriate size, and applying the extension to the natural lash correctly, you will never have to worry about damaging your clients natural lashes. If you’re looking for lash trays that fit this criteria, the Light Heart Everything Lashes are the perfect fit for these specific requirements.

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