Master Mapping

Mapping Is The Key To Elevating Your Skillset

And Transitioning From Lash Tech

To Lash Artist

Mapping is the art of styling eyelash extensions to perfectly flatter each client’s unique features, face shape, eye shape and desires.

It is the one thing that transforms a lash technician into a true lash artist.

Hi lash connoisseur,

It’s Maddi! I’m an award winning lash educator, salon suites owner, podcast host and lover of true lash artistry. When I became a lash artist over 7 years ago, I was taught to use .25 diameter classic lashes from a pot. I was also taught that D curl 9-11mm was the only way to style a client’s eyes. I was stuck creating work that didn’t look great and I had clients that always left me after a few months…

I was determined to have my work improve and stand out when I left my salon job. I took class after class. I flew all over the country desperate to improve my skill set. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into my education and over 18,000 working hours to perfect (+ invent!) an array of styles and designs to suit clients of any age and any eye shape.

In the last 5 years, I’ve set myself apart by doing work that stands out. And I want to help you do the same. Learning how to map properly allowed me to charge top dollar AND more importantly, make my clients feel like I CARED deeply about their unique features and desires. I became known for “the lashes of their dreams.” Anytime my clients went elsewhere they felt like they weren’t styled properly.

Truly understanding WHY we map our clients is so much more important than me throwing a bunch of random numbers at you and expecting you to make magic. In this course, you will see up close and personal videos of me styling and mapping my clients, as well as this written guide to teach you everything you need to know about styling. No crazy math, no code to crack.


What You’ll Learn in

Mapping Mastery

Mapping Mastery is a MASSIVE course, covering 18 different maps along with 5 in depth video tutorials showing the start to finish execution of the most popular and trending maps in the world right now.

Included In Your Course

The Mapping Mastery E-Book – 18 Annotated Maps + Mapping Theory And Pro Tips

BONUS – Printable Sponge Art Practice Sheets For At-Home Practice

BONUS – Digital Mapping Tutorial – Choose Your Client’s Style Before They Even Come In.

5 In-Depth Video Trainings Covering All The Following Styles:

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