The Lash Artistry Bundle

Attract A Truly Luxury Clientelle By Mastering Mapping And Learning To Lash Like The Best Artists In The World

You Started With Classics, You Mastered Volume, But Once You’ve Learned The Technique, How Can You Keep Growing?

Hi lash connoisseur,

I’m Maddi! I’m an award winning lash educator, salon suites owner, podcast host and lover of true lash artistry. 

The most incredible fact that I have discovered after teaching thousands of students in person and online is that there are two very distinct types people in our industry.

Lash Techs

And Lash Artists

Lash techs are service providers who are powerless in their business, whether they work in a salon or are independent.

They feel like there is no way they can raise their prices because all of their clients would leave them.

Even with competitive prices, they still struggle to fill their books. 

Lash Artists on the other hand, their lives look very different…

Lash Artists are in control.

They are in control of their prices, often charging the highest in their area.

They are in control of their hours, they fill their books with easy clients that they love and who love their work, and they fire the nightmare clients because they can fill their spot in no time.

They feel confident and proud of their work, they have clients who are desperate to see them and would never dream of getting lashes somewhere else.

Now let me tell you a secret,

Every Lash Artist started out as a Lash Tech

And an even bigger secret,

Any Lash Tech can become a Lash Artist by learning one simple thing: Artistry

I know it sounds obvious, its right there in the name, but learning the artistry of lash extensions is truly the one thing that separates the best artists in the world from everyone else.

Artistry means mapping your sets to your clients facial structure, eye shape, and lash line

Artistry means styling your sets to become an extension of your client’s personality.

Artistry means communicating with your clients to design and create their dream lashes.

My goal in this industry is to help Lash Techs become Lash Artists, because becoming a Lash Artist changed my life.

That is why I spent the last 6 months filming, writing, lashing, and designing 3 courses that teach you everything you need to know to MASTER artistry. And for a very limited time, I am bundling them all together with a ton of bonuses into a package called the Lash Artistry Bundle.

What’s In The Lash Artistry Bundle?

Mapping Mastery (Normally: $448)

Mapping Mastery is a MASSIVE course, covering 18 different maps along with 5 in depth video tutorials showing the start to finish execution of the most popular and trending maps in the world right now.

Angel Lashes (Normally: $198)

This Video Training + Downloadable Guide will walk you step by step through the creation of a perfect Angel Set.

 Includes: ✨How To Price Angel Lashes ✨Fanning Technique ✨Placement and Attatchment ✨Mapping and Styling ✨And So Much More!

Wispy Workship (Normally: $198)

Wispy, Spikey, Wet Look, Strip Lash Look, no matter what you call them, the Wispy Workshop will teach you exactly how to create these gorgeous, textured sets.

BONUS: Instagram For Lash Artists (Normally: $98)

You could have the best work in the world, but you won’t get clients unless you advertise it effectively!

This guide will teach you how to elevate your online presence and create a beautiful feed that attracts your ideal client. It includes every tip, trick, and strategy I used to go from 0 to over 50k followers in less than 3 years.

BONUS: Sponge Art Practice Sheets (Normally: $98)

Practice is key in mastering the artistry of lash extensions, these 18 practice sheets will help you sharpen and perfect your skills before you even take a model set.

BONUS: Digital Mapping Guide (Normally: $137)

This video tutorial will show you how quickly and easily create a digital preview of multiple maps on your clients eyes before they even lay down, allowing your client to show you exactly what they want. This will level up your client experience and make your life so so much easier.

BONUS: Lash Consultation And Consent Forms (Normally: $60)

Client Consent + Consultation forms are an ESSENTIAL when providing lash services.

Elevate your client experience to the next level by understanding who your clients are, what they want to get out of their lashes and if they can tell you anything that may effect their retention.

This intake form contains everything you need to be asking your clients before they lay down, such as potential allergies, irritations, medical contraindications and lifestyle.

BONUS: The Perfect Consultation (Normally: $148)

My crash course on how to have the perfect consultation with every client, every time. Including:

why consultations matter | what to have on your consultation + Consent forms and why | how to conduct the perfect consultation + Make clients feel comfortable | what to talk to new clients about | topics to avoid in conversation | take the perfect mugshot | explaining aftercare | Client followup



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