The Foolproof Guide To Filling Your Books

Discover all the secrets lash artists use to get fully booked over, and over… and over again.


If you follow the steps in this manual,

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This manual is filled with tons of time tested, foolproof ways to create a clientele from scratch.

Whether you are a brand new artist or you’ve been doing this for years, you can use these methods and tips to build your dream clientele as quickly as possible

Hi! I'm Maddi

Master Lash Artist | LashBoxLA Educator | 2021 Lash Artist Of The Year

I entered the beauty industry as a lash artist 6 years ago with the dream of giving my clients lashes that made them feel confident, carefree and beautiful. And I would bet that you entered this industry with the same goal.

My dream is to help other lash artists build the same sort of profitable, enjoyable, beautiful business that I and so many of my friends have been lucky enough to create. 

I'm so excited to meet you and I hope I can help you start this journey.

With Love,

Maddi Morris


Light Heart LLC

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