Meet Angel Lashes

Your Client’s New Obsession

If You Can Apply Classics, You Can Learn Angel Lashes


This Video Training + Downloadable Guide will walk you step by step through the creation of a perfect Angel Set.


✨How To Price Angel Lashes

✨Fanning Technique

✨Placement and Attatchment

✨Mapping and Styling

✨And So Much More!


What Are Angel Lashes?

Angel Lashes are lash extensions that achieve a classic effect using .03mm lashes. Because the set uses much thinner lashes than a normal classic or hybrid set, the client is left with a weightless and wispy look that can be customize to look as dramatic or natural as desired!

Although this set uses .03mm lashes normally used for mega-volume, the set doesn’t require any fanning and is much easier to achieve than mega-volume lashes.

If you can apply classic lashes, this training will teach you everything you need to know to execute beautiful Angel Lash Sets!

Hi! I'm Maddi

Master Lash Artist | 2021 Lash Artist Of The Year

I entered the beauty industry as a lash artist 6 years ago with the dream of giving my clients lashes that made them feel confident, carefree and beautiful. And I would bet that you entered this industry with the same goal.

My dream is to help other lash artists build the same sort of profitable, enjoyable, beautiful business that I and so many of my friends have been lucky enough to create. 

I'm so excited to meet you and I hope I can help you start this journey.

With Love,

Maddi Morris


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