Mega Volume Online Masterclass

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Mega Volume Workshops

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The Most Comprehensive Online Mega Volume Course
Ever Made

Included In This Course:

✨A deep dive into theory, mapping, and technique, covering all 150 pages of my mega-volume manual + a downloadable version of the Mega Volume Manual (previously only available to in-person students).

✨Walkthrough of how I set up my tile and lash area for each client to provide the most efficient and professional experience possible.

✨A super close-up guide to Flower Bouquet Technique, this video lesson will guide you through each step of the Flower Bouquet process and you will walk away with an extremely detailed understanding of how to execute this incredible technique

✨Pinch Perfect, a guide to my tried and true pinching method, which is the perfect backup for days where Flower Bouquet just isn't working great for you (because trust me, we all have them).

✨A full model demo-set, follow along as I execute a beautiful full set on a model, from start to finish, including taping, mapping, prep, lashing, and aftercare.

✨A consultation and education call with our Light Heart Master Trainer, Katy. This is a one-on-one feedback session where you can get personalized suggestions for improving your technique.

✨A listing on our Light Heart Artists Map, where clients from all over the world are searching every day for Light Heart Certified Lash Artists near them.