Mega Volume Workshop

This class is for the artist who wants to learn the techniques used by the best lash artists in the world and who wants to build a vibrant, profitable business that your clients will love to support! I teach Flower Bouquet technique and my Pinch Perfect method. 

The best part is, after this class, you will receive ongoing mentorship during your lash journey so you will always have your questions answered and a helping hand along the way! I am open handed and open hearted with lash education. Every bit of information and knowledge I’ve learned in my lash career, I pour into the student I have that day. My goal is seeing you successful in your lash career, and more importantly, passionate about what you do.  I have certified over 50 students and have seen each of them raise their prices significantly, create gorgeous work, curate their dream clientele and reach their fullest potential and unique gifts within this industry.

It is a lash class that is truly one of a kind and a career-changing experience. ⁣

After this class, not only will you be able to create full, stunning mega volume sets! You will come away with a new vision for your business, extensive branding knowledge and the keys to working less and making six figures a year moving forward. 

Requirements to take this course:

Must hold an Esthetics or Cosmetology license in your state, if your state requires it to perform lash services

I am so excited to meet you.




The Schedule:

11-6pm with a break for lunch 

What the day Includes:

In – Depth Theory⁣

Allergies + Irritations and how to cure them

Perfecting texture

Layer Secrets and “perfect top line” mega volume sets⁣

Hands- on Fan Making + Sponge Art

Flower Bouquet Technique

Live model Full Set from 3-6 pm

Building your lash business to six figures ⁣

All my Instagram ⁣secrets

My Photo Editing ⁣Process

Branding your unique business

My theory + business + social media manual ⁣

Continued mentorship ⁣

Beautiful wax sealed certificate 

& a guaranteed good time!

Includes huge Lashbox LA kit + personal coffee/lunch order  

Questions? I would love to hear from you!

DM me on Instagram @LightHeartLash

Or text me @ 907 952 3394

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Price: $1950