Master Lash Artist Training And Mentoring

These courses have been curated with your future in mind, to make you the best artist and independent business owner you can be. After your training date, I will be alongside you every step of your lash journey with continued mentoring and open handed education in all things social media, business strategy and lashing.

Every Training comes with a full kit of Lashbox LA products, exclusive Light Heart Academy Crewneck, framed certificate and more! I want you to leave equipped with all my favorite products so you’ll be ready to practice and take paying clients immediately after your class.

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Private Trainings

A whole day of one on one training specifically tailored to your needs and goals. We will work with you before the class to determine exactly what aspects of your lash career we will work on to create the greatest possible value for you and your business. This curriculum has trained hundreds of the most elite artists and educators alike and continues to raise the standard of lash education. Our success lies in yours.

Mega Volume Workshop

A mega volume masterclass to learn how to create beautiful, full mega volume sets. Master the flower bouquet technique and become and expert in mapping, styling, product knowledge, marketing and business skills.

After this course you will improve your timing, raise your prices, and gain extensive business mentoring. It will change your lash life forever. Large kit included.

Classic Workshop

For the beginner artist! Kick start your career with expert knowledge and flawless classic application. You will be ready to confidently take paying clients, grow a social media presence, understand the intricate science behind adhesives, allergies, irritations and perform beautiful, clean sets.

This class is skillfully designed to set you up for a long, successful lash career. Large kit included.

Mentoring Calls

If you have questions about lashing, scaling your business or marketing your services – set up a call and I will answer ANY questions you have and help you strategize your next moves.

Investing in your career is what will always set you apart as an artist. Book a mentoring call and I’ll answer all of your questions and troubleshoot any issues you’re having. If you want my best tips and tricks for lashing more confidently, growing your brand, or building an independent lash business, this is for you!